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Ph.D graduate
Year Name Thesis
1996 Ji-Hong Kim Image motion estimation and quantization error delivery in hierarchical structure
1997 Min-Soo Park Adaptive IIR filtering with combined regressor and combined error
2000 Hyuong-Nam Kim Unbiased adaptive IIR filtering based on monic normalization
2003 Dae-Won Do Post enhancement methods for high-quality SAR imagery
2004 Hyun-Chool Shin Novel adaptive filters and performance analysis methods
2006 Myoung-Hoon Jo Novel hybrid error concealment for digital TV
2007 Kyu-Young Hwang Adaptive filtering algorithms based on selective update
Young-Seok Choi Adaptive filtering algorithms with optimal control parameters
Se-Jin Kong Novel affine projection algorithm with dynamic control of projection dimension
Jun-Chan Kwon Equation-error adaptive IIR filtering algorithm based on data reuse
Byeong-Woo Yoon Image contrast enhancement based on the generalized histogram
2010 Tae-Hee Lee Tone mapping and converting color images to grayscale images
Soon-Wook Chung Digital processing of chromatic aberation
Seong-Eun Kim Novel adaptive filters with active autoregulation mechanisms
2011 Kwang-Hoon Kim New combination structures for adaptive filters
2013 Moon-Kyu Song Normalized subband adaptive filter with subband selection
2014 Ji-Hoon Lee Cooperative sensing techniques in cognitive radio networks
2015 Byung-Kwang Kim Novel color models and sampling methods for image matting
  Yun-Ki Han A bias-free adaptive beamformer with GSC-APA
  Jong-Ju Hong High-definition image processing: dynamic range expansion and text localization
2016 Jae-Woo Lee Distributed learning over adaptive networks with techniques for reducing communication overhead
  Han-Sol Lee Distributed adaptive signal processing algorithms with optimal control parameters
2017 Hyun-Woong Cho Novel image matting approach for automatic target recognition
  Do-Chang Ahn Robust algorithms against impulsive noise for distributed estimation over adaptive networks
2018 Jun-Taek Kong Algorithms for Improving Accuracy of Distributed Estimation over Adaptive Networks
  Seungjun Shin High Dynamic Range Imaging: Dynamic Range Compression and Dynamic Range Expansion
2019 Sung-Hyuk Yim Proportionate Diffusion LMS Algorithms for Sparse Distributed Estimation
2019 Kyu-Ha Song Passive Emitter Localization with Selective TDOA-based Bearing Measurements
2019 Young-Rae Cho SAR/IR Sensor Fusion Algorithms for Automatic Target Recognition
2019 Jaeyun Lee Novel Approaches to Quantification and Segmentation of EEG Burst Suppression in Treatment of Status Epilepticus


Master graduate
Year Name Thesis
1991 Jae-Cheol Ko Digital halftoning with value adaptive error diffusion
1992 Jang-Hwan Kim A study on multipath channel equalization using the LMS algorithm
Sang-Ho Kim Thresholded fiters for impulsive noise suppression
1993 Young-Sic Jeong A study on multipath communication channel equalizer
Young-Tae Han A digital auto focusing system for video cameras
1994 Yoon-Seok Kang Joint blind equalization and carrier recovery for digital ATV
Seong-Ryoul Cheon Pseudo 3-dimensional adaptive digital Y/C seperation filter using field memory
Sue-Hee Lee Design of VSELP codebook for the Korean language
Jae-Ho Lee Color image quantization using error diffusion
1995 Jae-Woo Ko A new approach to speech coding based on a simplified speech signal model
Jeong-Ho Kwak Acquisition of the synchronization signals for digital HDTV systems
Bon-Youn Koo PIP system of normal1/duoble scan by a pseudo 2-dimensional filter
Kwang-Cheol Joo A fast algorithm for TV ghost cancellation using the KS-GCR
Mi-Young You Color processing of digital electronic imaging devices based on neural networks
1996 Yong-Oun Kim Postprocessing using POCS for reduction of blocking effects of block transform coded images
Chang-Hyun Park A postprocessing technique for removing blocking effects in block transform coding
Joo-Won Kim A 3-dimensional digital Y/C seperation algorithm using motion estimation and compensation
Jin-Kuk Jeong Color image enhancement based on the saturation component
1997 Sang-Joo Lee Embedded zerotree wavelet coding with the visual perception model
Nam-Il Kim Dynamic contrast enhancement based on adaptive histogram transform
Kuk-Ho Bae An adaptive color correction method for TV signals distorted by transmission channel
1998 Ji-Woon Lee Sharpness enhancement of digital color image for TV application
Joon-Seog Kim Reduction of NTSC Co-channel interference for OFDM systems
Myung-Su Kang A study on robustchannel equalization for OFDM receivers
Kyu-Ha Song A novel analysis and processing of space-borne SAR signals
Hyun-Il Kwon Design of Korean VSELP codebook by the improvemnet of plosives
1999 Jeong-Mo Park SAR image enchancement techniques
Sang-Soo Ok A decision-directed symbol timing recovery circuit based on the double-sampling maximum-likelihood estimatior
2000 Chuel-Hee Kang Color enhancement of digital images in frequency domain
Kyoung-Chul Hong Robust symbol timing recovery for digital terrestrial TV receivers
Myung-Han Lee Adaptive equalization based on subband decomposition
2001 Hyung-Tae Kim Color image enhancement based on adaptive windowing
2002 Jong-Jin Woo Adaptive noise filter based on variable windowing
2003 Kwan-Seung Baek Adaptive deinterlacing for advanced display systems
Pil-Yong Koo Improvement of space-borne SAR image based on adaptive edge sharpening algorithm
Woong Seo Real-time video signal processing system for image warping
2004 Mun-Kyung Shin Unified vocoder architecture for SDR system
Joo-Hyuk Kwak Novel multi-histogram equalization for brightness preserving
2005 Mi-ae Lee Gray scale watermark embedding using Laplacian Pyramid
Kil-Tae Kim Variable step-size IIR filtering with monic normalization
Mun-Sik Bae A blocking artifact reuction algorithm based on artifact dissipation
2006 Byoung-Jun Jeon Adaptive window algorithms with an improved speckle noise reduction effect around an edge
Jeong-Su Lee A blocking artifacts reduction algorithm using local visual characteristics
Yong-Jin Han Selective PAPR reduction scheme for OFDM based on artifact dissipation
Jong-Jun Park Automatic white balancing based on color temperature
2007 Jae-Eun Lee Adaptive filtering algorithms based on L -norm
2008 Joo-Young An Backlight modulation based on interblock relation in locally dimming LCD
Jung-Hwan Lee Flicker reducing backlight control based on adaptive moving average filtering for locally dimming LCD
2013 Meiguang Jin Propagation based selective sampling for alpha matting
2017 Kyoung-Bo Kong A study on global motion estimation using histogram and weight map
2018 Young-Chul Kwak Speckle noise invariant convolutional neural network for automatic target recognition