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Ph.D graduate
Year Name Thesis
1996 Ji-Hong Kim Image motion estimation and quantization error delivery in hierarchical structure
1997 Min-Soo Park Adaptive IIR filtering with combined regressor and combined error
2000 Hyuong-Nam Kim Unbiased adaptive IIR filtering based on monic normalization
2003 Dae-Won Do Post enhancement methods for high-quality SAR imagery
2004 Hyun-Chool Shin Novel adaptive filters and performance analysis methods
2006 Myoung-Hoon Jo Novel hybrid error concealment for digital TV
2007 Kyu-Young Hwang Adaptive filtering algorithms based on selective update
Young-Seok Choi Adaptive filtering algorithms with optimal control parameters
Se-Jin Kong Novel affine projection algorithm with dynamic control of projection dimension
Jun-Chan Kwon Equation-error adaptive IIR filtering algorithm based on data reuse
Byeong-Woo Yoon Image contrast enhancement based on the generalized histogram
2010 Tae-Hee Lee Tone mapping and converting color images to grayscale images
Soon-Wook Chung Digital processing of chromatic aberation
Seong-Eun Kim Novel adaptive filters with active autoregulation mechanisms
2011 Kwang-Hoon Kim New combination structures for adaptive filters
2013 Moon-Kyu Song Normalized subband adaptive filter with subband selection
2014 Ji-Hoon Lee Cooperative sensing techniques in cognitive radio networks
2015 Byung-Kwang Kim Novel color models and sampling methods for image matting
  Yun-Ki Han A bias-free adaptive beamformer with GSC-APA
  Jong-Ju Hong High-definition image processing: dynamic range expansion and text localization
2016 Jae-Woo Lee Distributed learning over adaptive networks with techniques for reducing communication overhead
  Han-Sol Lee Distributed adaptive signal processing algorithms with optimal control parameters
2017 Hyun-Woong Cho Novel image matting approach for automatic target recognition
  Do-Chang Ahn Robust algorithms against impulsive noise for distributed estimation over adaptive networks
2018 Jun-Taek Kong Algorithms for Improving Accuracy of Distributed Estimation over Adaptive Networks
  Seungjun Shin High Dynamic Range Imaging: Dynamic Range Compression and Dynamic Range Expansion
2019 Sung-Hyuk Yim Proportionate Diffusion LMS Algorithms for Sparse Distributed Estimation


Master graduate
Year Name Thesis
1991 Jae-Cheol Ko Digital halftoning with value adaptive error diffusion
1992 Jang-Hwan Kim A study on multipath channel equalization using the LMS algorithm
Sang-Ho Kim Thresholded fiters for impulsive noise suppression
1993 Young-Sic Jeong A study on multipath communication channel equalizer
Young-Tae Han A digital auto focusing system for video cameras
1994 Yoon-Seok Kang Joint blind equalization and carrier recovery for digital ATV
Seong-Ryoul Cheon Pseudo 3-dimensional adaptive digital Y/C seperation filter using field memory
Sue-Hee Lee Design of VSELP codebook for the Korean language
Jae-Ho Lee Color image quantization using error diffusion
1995 Jae-Woo Ko A new approach to speech coding based on a simplified speech signal model
Jeong-Ho Kwak Acquisition of the synchronization signals for digital HDTV systems
Bon-Youn Koo PIP system of normal1/duoble scan by a pseudo 2-dimensional filter
Kwang-Cheol Joo A fast algorithm for TV ghost cancellation using the KS-GCR
Mi-Young You Color processing of digital electronic imaging devices based on neural networks
1996 Yong-Oun Kim Postprocessing using POCS for reduction of blocking effects of block transform coded images
Chang-Hyun Park A postprocessing technique for removing blocking effects in block transform coding
Joo-Won Kim A 3-dimensional digital Y/C seperation algorithm using motion estimation and compensation
Jin-Kuk Jeong Color image enhancement based on the saturation component
1997 Sang-Joo Lee Embedded zerotree wavelet coding with the visual perception model
Nam-Il Kim Dynamic contrast enhancement based on adaptive histogram transform
Kuk-Ho Bae An adaptive color correction method for TV signals distorted by transmission channel
1998 Ji-Woon Lee Sharpness enhancement of digital color image for TV application
Joon-Seog Kim Reduction of NTSC Co-channel interference for OFDM systems
Myung-Su Kang A study on robustchannel equalization for OFDM receivers
Kyu-Ha Song A novel analysis and processing of space-borne SAR signals
Hyun-Il Kwon Design of Korean VSELP codebook by the improvemnet of plosives
1999 Jeong-Mo Park SAR image enchancement techniques
Sang-Soo Ok A decision-directed symbol timing recovery circuit based on the double-sampling maximum-likelihood estimatior
2000 Chuel-Hee Kang Color enhancement of digital images in frequency domain
Kyoung-Chul Hong Robust symbol timing recovery for digital terrestrial TV receivers
Myung-Han Lee Adaptive equalization based on subband decomposition
2001 Hyung-Tae Kim Color image enhancement based on adaptive windowing
2002 Jong-Jin Woo Adaptive noise filter based on variable windowing
2003 Kwan-Seung Baek Adaptive deinterlacing for advanced display systems
Pil-Yong Koo Improvement of space-borne SAR image based on adaptive edge sharpening algorithm
Woong Seo Real-time video signal processing system for image warping
2004 Mun-Kyung Shin Unified vocoder architecture for SDR system
Joo-Hyuk Kwak Novel multi-histogram equalization for brightness preserving
2005 Mi-ae Lee Gray scale watermark embedding using Laplacian Pyramid
Kil-Tae Kim Variable step-size IIR filtering with monic normalization
Mun-Sik Bae A blocking artifact reuction algorithm based on artifact dissipation
2006 Byoung-Jun Jeon Adaptive window algorithms with an improved speckle noise reduction effect around an edge
Jeong-Su Lee A blocking artifacts reduction algorithm using local visual characteristics
Yong-Jin Han Selective PAPR reduction scheme for OFDM based on artifact dissipation
Jong-Jun Park Automatic white balancing based on color temperature
2007 Jae-Eun Lee Adaptive filtering algorithms based on L -norm
2008 Joo-Young An Backlight modulation based on interblock relation in locally dimming LCD
Jung-Hwan Lee Flicker reducing backlight control based on adaptive moving average filtering for locally dimming LCD
2013 Meiguang Jin Propagation based selective sampling for alpha matting
2017 Kyoung-Bo Kong A study on global motion estimation using histogram and weight map
2018 Young-Chul Kwak Speckle noise invariant convolutional neural network for automatic target recognition